Mga Mister ni Rosario Full Movie (2019)

Mga Mister ni Rosario is a 2018 Filipino romantic-comedy film written and directed by Alpha Habon and starring Joross Gamboa, Kate Alejandrino, and Kim Molina in the leading roles. The film was produced by CineFilipino,  Cignal Entertainment, Unitel Straightshooters, Quiapo Collective, and Cineko Productions.

Mga Mister ni Rosario Plot

How far will you go for art’s sake? Yogi Juan, Philippine Showbiz’s Golden Boy, takes every role seriously. His devoted housewife Sari supports him and role-plays along. But when Sari learns that Yogi’s upcoming role is a serial killer, can she revise the morbid fate that awaits her?

Mga Mister ni Rosario Cast

Joross Gamboa, Kate Alejandrino, Kim Molina, DaxCarnay, Rap Robes, Kiki Baento

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