Malaya Full Movie (2020)

Malaya is a 2020 Filipino romance film written and directed by Connie Macatuno. The film stars Lovi Poe and Zanjoe Maruno in titular roles. The film was produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and Sisu Productions and distributed by iWant TFC.

Malaya Plot

Malaya is a Filipina who reunites with her family in Puglia, Italy. She establishes herself in a foreign land while rekindling her relationship with her mother. She also finds herself juggling feelings for the love of her life whom she has found in her new home.

With the story spanning over almost eight years, she evolves as a daughter, career woman, lover, and, ultimately, as a Filipina in Italy. Lovi’s portrayal of what could have been the usual Pinay OFW character possesses beauty and strength that lie in its authenticity and seamlessness.

She perfectly fits the role through an effortless performance, complemented by her inherent sensuality. Malaya is far from being just a simple girl with the typical OFW dreams, and Lovi manages to fluently breathe life into the character’s complexities.

Malaya Cast

Lovi Poe, Zanjoe Marudo, Isay Alvarez, Robert Seña, Valery Hidalgo, Fabrizia Santarelli, Fabrizio Cirrillo, Michele Prozia, Tonia Lacarra, Alessandro Tau, Melisa Lorenzo, Ralph Joren David, Carolina Avila, Alla Sivinorna, Vincent David

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