Love is Love Full Movie (2019)

Love is Love is a Filipino romantic comedy movie released in Philippine cinemas in December 2019, with Roxanne Barcelo and JC De Vera playing the lead roles, together with supporting roles played by Rufa Mae Quinto, Raymond Bagatsing, andJay Manalo.

This movie was written by Araceli Santiago, produced by RKB Productions, and directed by critically acclaimed writer and director GB Sampedro-who is also known for his work in Astig (2009) and Separados (2014).

Love is Love Movie Plot

Anton De Monteverde (JC De Vera) and Anton Guerrero, also known as Wacko (NeilColeta) are childhood friends who vowed to keep their friendship forever despite distance and time. True to their promise, the two remained friends even when the latter and his family migrated to Japan.

After 15 years of being apart, Wacko comes back to the Philippines. Anton, who is now successful in his chosen career, is very excited to meet Wacko again.

Anton waits for Wacko at the airport, but instead of seeing him, he is surprised to meet  Winona Valencio (Roxanne Barcelo), a wacky woman who claims to be Waco’s fiancee.

Skeptical of her outlandish character and identity, Anton hopes to know her better, so they, later on, agree to spend some time together. As perplexing as it may be, he soon realizes that she changes his mundane life into something he never expects and finds himself eventually falling in love with her.

Love is Love Movie Cast

JC De Vera, Roxanne Barcelo, Raymond Bagatsing, Jay Manalo, Rufa Mae Quinto, Marco Alcaraz, Neil Coleta, Keanna Reeves, Johnny Revilla, JeanTrinity Malcolm, Adrianna So, Imelda Schweighart, and many more

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