I’m Ellenya L Full Movie (2019)

I’m Ellenya L. is a 2019 Filipino romantic-comedy film starring Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual sharing the lead roles.

Directed by Boy 2 Quizon and produced by Rainier Alvarez, Neil Arce, Joyce Bernal, Nikolo Juban, Piolo Pascual, Erickson Raymundo, Malou Santos, and Ava Yap, this is a movie that comes with differing comedy leaving such a message on the youth of today. Ellenya is a vernacular term for Millennial.

I’m Ellenya L Movie Plot

The movie tells a story about Ellenya Lakampati played by Maris Racal. She was an ambitious girl who does not want to get a stable job. Her goal is to become a well-known influencer on social media. Her efforts are centered on reaching the status.

Ellenya’s life continues to seek validation from society online. She is aspired to become one of the best vloggers and big influencers. She is after chasing her dreams while creating content and persona to help her family and friends.

She then tags Peng, her childhood friend, played by Inigo Pascual. That way, they can both shoot content. Upon Ellenya’s meeting with Kyle played by Pat Sugui, she begins to turn out more reckless. She believes that being the public relations strategist for celebrities can help her meet her goal of fame.

That’s when the viewers can still remain clueless if she could reach her dreams. Will an unexpected coming of tragedy hinder her ambitions? Will her meeting with the PR strategist affect her relationship with Peng? Will she be an epic fail or will she earn fame online?

I’m Ellenya L Movie Cast

Maris Racal, Inigo Dominic Pascual, Pat Sugui, Nova Villa, Gio Alvarez, Kat Galang, Francine Prieto, Sue Ramirez

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