I’m Drunk I Love You Full Movie

I’m Drunk I Love You Movie stars Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino, Dominic Roco, and Jasmine Curtis and is about a young woman who secretly loves her best friend for seven years and finally decides to tell him.

I’m Drunk I Love You Produced by Buchi Boy Entertainment and Tuko Film Productions and directed by Jaime Habac Jr, this Pinoy comedy dram indie film. earned 9 awards nominations including the 2018 FAMAS Best Actress for Maja Salvador.

I’m Drunk I Love You Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Maja Salvador plays Carson while Paulo Avelino as Dio. They have been classmates and best friends for 7 long years since they were college freshmen.

And just days before their graduation, Carson decided that it is now time to tell Dio how much she loves him. But of course, it would not be easy for her. Nevertheless, she now has an opportunity when Dio invited her to come with him to a music festival in La Union.

Carson then requested her gay friend Jason Ty (Dominic Roco) to come with them. however, she was shocked and they arrived there and Dio introduced to them his girlfriend Pathy (Jasmine Curtis), a pretty young model.

But because Carson thinks that Dio should now know that she loves him, she told it to him in front of his face. But aside from the fact that both of them were drunk at that time, she also might get friend-zoned.

I’m Drunk I Love You Movie Cast

Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino, Dominic Roco, Jasmine Curtis, Jim Paredes, Irma Adlawan, Juan Miguel Severo

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