I Love You Thank You Full Movie (2015)

I Love You. Thank You. is a 2015 Philippine romantic-drama film written and directed by Charliebebs Gohetia. The film stars Joross Gamboa, Prince Stefan, and Ae Pattawan among others. It was produced by The Grit Project and Noel D. Ferrer Productions.

I Love You. Thank You. Plot

This is the story of three lost and jaded twenty-somethings whose intertwining lives share a common search for direction and purpose as they try to cope up with the joys and pains of quarter-life crisis in a place, not their comfort zone

Paul is a restless 20-something who cannot get his life together. Worse, he’s been holding on to his love toward Red, his best friend Ivan’s boyfriend.

Looking for a sense of direction, he goes to Siem Reap and meets Tang, who falls in love with him.

I Love You. Thank You. Cast

Joross Gamboa, Prince Stefan, Ae Pattawan, CJ Reyes, Surachai Yomjinda, Ville Thuy, Sean L’Estrange, Ma. Solita Garcia

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