I Love You, Hater Full Movie (2018)

I Love You, Hater is a 2018 romantic comedy Filipino film directed by Giselle Andres. The film is another collaboration between the JoshLia love team Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto and was released on July 11, 2018.

The film received a moderate reaction from critics and performed well at the Philippine box office.

I Love You, Hater Synopsis

Joko (Joshua Garcia) is a boy trying to help his family survive, while Zoey (Julia Barretto) is a girl hoping to prove herself to the world. Opportunity rises when Sasha (Kris Aquino) is looking to hire a new personal assistant. Just one catch – they have to compete against each other!

Will their own goals prevail, or will they set aside their differences and find true happiness and love in the end?

I Love You, Hater Cast

Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Kris Aquino, Ronaldo Valdez, John Estrada, Al Tantay, Gio Alvarez, Ricardo Cepeda, Mark Neumann, Markki Stroem, Manuel Chua, Alora Sasam, Albie Casiño, and Kat Galang

Watch I Love You, Hater Full Movie

I Love You, Hater is a new movie and we don’t have a copy of the full version yet. You can watch the official trailer below. Make sure to return for the full version coming soon.

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