Hinog Sa Pilit: Sobra Sa Tamis Full Movie

Hinog Sa Pilit: Sobra Sa Tamis is a 2001 Filipino drama film written by Dennis C. Evangelista and directed by Rico Tariman. It was produced and distributed by Leo Films. The film was one of the most successful films of the late sexy star Halina Perez.

Hinog Sa Pilit: Sobra Sa Tamis Plot Summary

Young Laila once caught her parents making love. While returning home from school, she caught her older sister Diana and her boyfriend doing the same. She became curious and asked her sister about lovemaking and sex.

She eventually fell into a spell and became a young lady and was in love with Manny but not long after she returned to being a child when the spell disappeared.

Hinog Sa Pilit: Sobra Sa Tamis Cast

Cesar Aquino, Roselyn B. Ruiz, Halina Perez, Monina Perez, Allen Dizon, Paolo Rivero, Sydney Segovia, Joel Ortega, Allan Noble, Paula Martinez, Rodel Fernando, Soraya Rieta, John Vincent Baclig, Sunshine Bonus, Carlos Trece Mapili, Ruben Mendoza, Jocelyn Mendoza, Melvin Cruz, Sergie Cuyugan, Madelyn Cabotaje

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