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Exes Baggage (not Excess Baggage) stars former sweethearts Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino (also known as CarGel love team) as two broken-hearted people who fall in love with each other while trying to heal the wounds of their past.

Produced by Black Sheep Productions and directed by Dan Villegas, this much-awaited CarGel reunion movie reportedly made P21 million on its first day of showing (September 26, 2018).

Exes Baggage Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Angelica Panganiban plays Pia while Carlo Aquino plays Nix and the two first in a bar. But unlike the usual melodrama love story movies in the past, Pia and Nix started to get to know each other by talking first about their past relationships. And although both of them are still carrying the baggage from their exes, they seem to have a unique connection and could not help but fall in love with each other.

But as expected, the couple had problems in maintaining their relationship especially for Pia, who seems to be giving up. In real life, Angelica and Carlo have been lovers for six years. At that time they were still young and Angelica admitted that Carlo cheated on her twice.

A lot of CarGel fans have been wishing them to reunite. And although the two still love each other, they said they are just happy about what they have today.

Exes Baggage Movie Cast

Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino, Dionne Monsanto

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