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Dear Other Self Movie stars Jodi Sta Maria, Xian Lim, and Joseph Marco and is about a young woman who is the breadwinner of the family but likes to resign from her job and to travel and enjoy life instead.

Dear Other Self Produced by Star Cinema and directed by Veronica Velasco, this romantic comedy film is not just to entertain the viewers but also to teach them about choosing the right decisions in life.

Dear Other Self Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Jodi Sta Maria plays Rebecca, the daughter of the characters of Bodjie Pascua and Elaine Ochoa.

She is the eldest child in the family and has two younger brothers, and all of them depend on her. But then, she also wants to be a travel blogger and experience being in different countries around the world. Now, Rebecca is asking herself about the pros and cons of the options available. Two narratives explained them.

First, if Rebecca chooses not to resign and stay with her family, she will be promoted and she will receive a car as an incentive. However, she will accidentally bump the car of Chris (Joseph Marco), a snobbish graphic artist who also works at the same company. And because his car needs to fixed, Rebecca would act as his personal driver. As days go by, the two will get to know each other better and will be sweethearts.

On the other hand, if Rebecca pursues her dream to travel and go to Bangkok, Thailand, she will feel lonely and uncomfortable. But later, she will meet Henry (Lim), a young handsome photographer who also loves to travel. And because they have common dreams, the two easily got along and eventually fell in love with each other. But what about her responsibilities to her family? Which decision would make her really happy?

Dear Other Self Movie Cast

Jodi Sta Maria, Xian Lim, Joseph Marco, Carla Martinez, Bodjie Pascua, Anna Luna, Paul Salas, Elaine Ochoa, and many more.

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