Cara X Jagger Full Movie (2019)

Cara X Jagger is a 2019 Filipino romance film directed by Ice Idanan and cleverly written by Acy Ramos, starring Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Cara and Ruru Madrid as Jagger.

This romance drama film was produced by APT and Cignal Entertainment, distributed by GMA Films, and released on November 6, 2019. This movie is Jasmine’s 3rd for 2019, following Maledicto and Alone/Together, and her first-ever team up with Ruru Madrid.

Cara X Jagger Movie Plot

A roller coaster love story between ex-lovers, Cara and Jagger.

Cara has a condition called “hyperthymesia” which allows her to remember every single event in her life. On the other hand, Jagger, Cara’s ex-boyfriend, had amnesia as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Desperate to help bring back his grandson’s memory, Papalo (Dante Rivero), sought the help of Cara. She was hesitant at first knowing that it may revive the feelings they had for each other. But Papalo was persistent enough to convince Cara.

Soon enough, Cara and Jagger had to relieve all the happy and painful moments they’ve been through, visit familiar places and go through the same emotions over again.

As they go back to memory lane, Cara and Jagger realized why their relationship fell apart the first time. Now, these two must decide whether they should let the past keep them apart or leave it behind and start all over together.

Cara X Jagger’s official theme song, “Leaves” by Ben & Ben, suits the film as it talks about forgiveness and more importantly forgiveness.

Cara X Jagger Movie Cast

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ruru Madrid, Dante Rivero, Dino Pastrano, Miko Raval

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