Camp Sawi Full Movie (2016)

Camp Sawi Movie stars Arci Muñoz, Bela Padilla, Yassi Pressman, Andi Eigenmann, Kim Molina, and Sam Milby. Produced by Viva Films and Joyce Bernal’s N2 Productions and directed by Irene Villamor, this is a story of five broken-hearted young women who went to Bantayan Island to ease their pain. This drama-comedy movie also earned 6 major awards nominations, including New Movie Actress of the Year for Issa Pressman.

Camp Sawi Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with bank teller Bridgette (Bela Padilla) crying while in bed and apparently still cannot move on when she and her boyfriend Chris (Dennis Trillo) broke up after the latter left her for another woman. While browsing the Internet, she saw a resort called Camp Sawi, which is exclusive to broken-hearted women who are having difficulties in moving on. Shortly, she decides to go there to Bantayan Island in Cebu.

There, Bridgette first met Jessica (Yassi Pressman), a high school cheerleader who discovered that her boyfriend is gay. Then, she also met Gwen (Arci Muñoz), a rock singer who has her guitarist as her ex-boyfriend, Louie (Sam Milby, the Camp Master, Clarisse (Andi Eigenmann), a mistress, and Joan (Kim Molina), a supposed bride-to-be. But will their broken heart be really healed in Camp Sawi? Or will they only get worse?

Camp Sawi Movie Cast

Arci Muñoz, Bela Padilla, Yassi Pressman, Andi Eigenmann, Kim Molina, Sam Milby, Jerald Napoles, Sarah Pagcaliwagan, Issa Pressman, Cholo Barretto, Dennis Trillo, Rico Blanco, Alex Medina, Bret Jackson, AJ Muhlach, Tonton Gutierrez, Patrick Sugui, RJ Padilla, Regine Tolentino, Bubbles Paraiso, Jasmine Hollingworth and many more.

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