Bubot, Kulang Sa Panahon Full Movie (1997)

Bubot, Kulang Sa Panahon is a 1997 Philippine independent romance-drama and bold film written and directed by Jose ‘Kaka’ Balagtas. Writing credits also include J. Baby Alano and Jerry O. Tirazona.

The film stars Tonton Gutierrez, Allona Amor, and Noreen Aguas in the leading roles. It was produced and distributed by V Rich Film

Bubot, Kulang Sa Panahon Plot

The story revolves around the life of couple Romano (Tonton Gutirrez) and Bubot (Allona Amor) who had a happy life before everything turned upside down when Bagyo interfere in their happy lives.

Bubot, Kulang Sa Panahon Cast

Tonton Gutierrez, Allona Amor, Noreen Aguas, Ric Arellano, Tony Bagyo, Adonis Balagtas, Joenel Balagtas, Juan Carlos Castro

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