Between Maybes Full Movie (2019)

Between Maybes is a 2019 Filipino contemporary romantic drama movie starring Julia Barreto and Gerald Anderson as the lead roles.

Produced by Black Sheep Productions, distributed by Star Cinema, and written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, this is the first movie together of Julia Barreto and Gerald Anderson who, before the release of the movie Between Maybes, have their own love teams.

The movie has its plot both in the Philippines and Japan.

Between Maybes Plot

In the movie, Julia Barreto plays Hazel Ilagan while Gerald Anderson plays the role of Louie Puyat. As Hazel (Julia), a former child star and is running in the direction of being a has-been actress, packed her things and impulsively books a flight after having an exchange of words with her mother.

Her impulsive decision brought her to the middle of Saga, a quiet town in Japan, where she will soon meet the guy she would end up having romantic relations with.

Louie (Gerald), who has been living a solitary life in the town of Saga, is working at a local seafood restaurant as a waiter. After dealing with his own heartbreak from his family, he serendipitously meets Hazel.

Hazel asks Louie to check on her during her vacation as she was used to having people always checking on her. This leads to them ending up being romantically entwined having found comfort in each other’s company as both are at a certain point in their lives where they both needed it.

Between Maybes Cast

Julia Barreto, Gerald Anderson, Yayo Aguila and a few more.

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