Because I Love You Full Movie (2019)

Because I Love You is a 2019 Filipino movie cascading the romantic-comedy flair on screens through the conscious chemistry of David Licauco and Shaira Diaz.

Coming across as a “rich boy-poor girl” story, Joel Lamangan seeks the conventional space where love and fate collide that forces viewer to be hopeful and giddy about these distant lovers’ lives.

Because I Love You Movie Plot

Rael, played by David Licauco, a privileged and wealthy bachelor of the Tansingco family, is born with the upbringing of a free, young man with less to complain about his life. His wealth precedes him, deeply pressed as the heir of the family’s shipping business. Then his path crossed with spunky and tomboyish firefighter Summer (Shaira Diaz), who’s an unbeliever of regimen and beauty rituals.

The day came when the reserved and quiet Rael started to grow his affection with Summer. But his lawyer-friend Tres (Martin Del Rosario) already wanted to earn the tenacious girl’s feelings, which pushed Rael into revealing his frivolous take on dating women.

Now Rael, already firm and round with his newfound love, tries to win the heart of Summer in spite of their perceptible differences. How will they put love on top of their disparate backgrounds? How will fate permit their mutual love against the stereotypical?

A modern spin on the classic 1964 hit by Dave Clark Five, “Because” makes for a self-conscious and bold vocabulary of speaking love in exciting forms. Although it will take a pilgrimage to come around someone’s heart based on opposing classes, Rael draws such esteem in a “love conquers all” manner.

Because I Love You Movie Cast

David Licauco, Shaira Diaz, Michelle Dee, Martin Del Rosario, Bernadette Allyson, Victor Basa, Monsour Del Rosario, Samantha Lopez, Jody Saliba, Lawrence Yap, and many more.
Produced by ALV Talent Circuit, GMA Films, and Regal Entertainment and released in 2019.

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