Beauty in a Bottle Full Movie (2014)

Beauty in a Bottle Movie stars Angelica Panganiban, Angeline Quinto, and Assunta de Rossi as three women who have their respective insecurities in life that reflect a lot of women. Produced by Quantum Films, Skylight Films, and Star Cinema and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, this drama-comedy film earned a Movie Screenwriter of the Year award for Jadaone at the 2015 Star Awards for Movies.

Beauty in a Bottle Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Angelica Panganiban plays Estelle Suarez, an upcoming actress and product endorser who is always being rejected for being fat. Assunta De Rossi plays Vilma Ledesma, an aging creative director and marketing specialist who feels insecure about her age, while Angeline Quinto plays Judith Madamba, the end-user of a beauty pill product called “Beauty in a Bottle” and thinks that she has no good qualities at all.

Generally speaking, each of the three women somehow portrays their real lives and that is the comedy aspect in the movie. But the truth is, the aim of the film is to use jokes to enlighten the public especially women about the real meaning of beauty. It allows the audience to laugh at their own insecurities. In short, the film is honest but not offensive. After all, what really defines beauty? Is beauty all that matters?

Beauty in a Bottle Cast

Angelica Panganiban, Angeline Quinto, Assunta de Rossi, Tom Rodriguez, Ellen Adarna, Empress Schuck, Dimples Romana, Carmi Martin, Nanette Inventor, Boboy Garovillo, Cai Cortez, Miko Raval, Bianca Manalo, Anna Luna, Ricci Chan, Nico Antonio, Irma Adlawan, Vicki Belo, Cristalle Henares, Manny Paksiw, Maxine Medina, Chanel Latorre, Ria Garcia, Ronn Enriquez, Katrina Ysabel Ortiguerra, Ma. Cecilia Jimenez, Dennis Corteza, Gay Balignasay, Pia Lopez, Isabel Yuzon, Marian Yance, Anthony Malko, Marx Topacio, Luis Antonio, Kristine Omaga-Diaz and many more.

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