Barcelona: A Love Untold Full Movie

Barcelona A Love Untold Movie stars the KathNiel love team Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo and is about two young adults trying to move on from their sad pasts.

Barcelona A Love UntoldProduced by Star Cinema and directed by Olivia Lamasan, this blockbuster love story drama won 6 major awards including Best Picture, Best Director for Olivia M. Lamasan, and Best Actor for Daniel Padilla, and is graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

Barcelona A Love Untold Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with architecture student Ely (Daniel Padilla) watching an old Facebook video showing his birthday celebration with his family and his girlfriend Celine, who has already passed away.

He is currently in Spain pursuing a Master’s Degree and riding a train to Barcelona. Shortly, he saw Mia Dela Torre (Kathryn Bernardo) on the same train. It turns out that Mia somehow looks like Celine.

Ely, who also works as a part-time tourist guide approached Mia and even called her ‘Celine’ and the latter got mad at him. Apparently, Mia is just new in Spain and had several mistakes in life while she was still in the Philippines. Later, he saw Mia again and they started to get to know each other and even helped her find a stable job in Barcelona. But with their problems and heartaches, can they eventually end up as lovers?

Below is the complete list of awards won by Barcelona A Love Untold Movie:

2017 FAMAS Awards

* Best Picture
* Best Director – Olivia M. Lamasan
* Best Actor – Daniel Padilla
* Best Production Design – Shari Marie Montiague

2017 Star Awards for Movies

* Special Award Movie Love Team of the Year – Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla
* Movie Actor of the Year – Daniel Padilla

Barcelona A Love Untold Movie Cast

Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Aiko Melendez, Joey Marquez, Joshua Garcia, Ricky Davao, Maria Isabel Lopez, Ana Capri, Cris Villanueva, Liza Diño, Ana Abad Santos, Melissa Jimenez, Oscar Alfaro, Faye Alhambra, John Bermundo, Min Bernando, Nuria Casas, Rianne Castro, Charmaine Censon, Matias Cobian, Antonio Sousa da Costa, Christina Sanchez Elloso, Cathy Garcia-Molina, Nichole Morgan, CX Navarro, Emilio Perez, Ignacio Rivera, Vince San Juan, Marta Sobejano, and many more.

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