Always Be My Maybe Full Movie

Always Be My Maybe Movie stars Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz and is about two heartbroken people who find themselves falling in love with each other but try their best to control their feelings for the fear of being hurt again.

Always Be My MaybProduced by Star Cinema and directed by Dan Villegas, this post-Valentine romantic comedy features Marion Aunor’s hit song, “How Can I” and “Free Fall into Love” Aegis’ classic song, “Halik.”

Always Be My Maybe Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Gerald Anderson plays Jake del Mundo, a handsome bachelor, and carefree businessman. After having a romantic relationship with Tracy (Maika Rivera), he proposes marriage to her but he was rejected and she dumped him for another man.

On the other hand, Arci Muñoz plays Kristina “Tintin” Paraiso, a beautiful free-spirited make-up artist who is seeing someone and expects to have a perfect relationship with him.

At the same time that Jake got rejected, Tintin is waiting for her date and thought that he is going to propose marriage to her. However, the man did not arrive and she learned from Facebook that he already has a new girlfriend. Six months later, Tintin and her friends went to a beach resort owned by Jake.

Their first meeting was hilarious and awkward for Tintin. They became friends until they land in the DTR (Define Their Relationship) mode.

Always Be My Maybe Movie Cast

Gerald Anderson, Arci Muñoz, Tirso Cruz III, TJ Trinidad, Irma Adlawan, Nikki Valdez, Kakai Bautista, Ricci Chan, Jane Oineza, Carlo Aquino, Matt Evans, Ahron Villena, Pepe Herrera, Maika Rivera, Victor Silayan, Jairus Aquino, Niña Dolino, Dionne Monsanto, Chanel Latorre, Chesca Ostrea, Ysabel Yuzon, Myel De Leon, Brian Matthew Sy, Phiphi Palmos, Amado Aguilar, Shaira Luna, Chris Gallegos, and many more.

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