Allergy in Love Full Movie (2019)

Allergy in Love is a 2019 Filipino comedy-romance film directed by Joross Gamboa in his directorial debut. The film stars Cholo Barretto and Chienna Filomeno and is produced by iWant Original.

Allergy in Love Plot

A curious cosplayer becomes infatuated with Jhonson, a popular author, motivational speaker, and heartthrob who had a big secret guarded by his close circle of friends. Out to find out the real character of Johnson, she enters his life to find out that Jhonson’s big secret was his allergy to sex.

Already smitten in love, they search for methods to find a cure to his odd diagnosis. Their journey takes them to mundane situations. Will they be able to find his cure or will they abstain to avoid death?

Allergy in Love Cast

Cholo Barretto, Chienna Filomeno

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