A Very Special Love Full Movie

A Very Special Love Movie stars John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo and is about a young woman who has a huge crush on a man who turns out to be a monster boss and has issues with his identity.

A Very Special LoveProduced by Star Cinema and Viva Films and directed by Cathy Garcia Molina, this blockbuster romantic comedy film has a sequel entitled “You Changed My Life” in 2009 and a second sequel entitled “It Takes a Man and a Woman” in 2013.

A Very Special Love Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, John Lloyd Cruz plays Miguel “Miggy” Montenegro, a rich bachelor and whom Adelaida “Laida” Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) has a huge crush. After graduating from college, she applied as an Editorial Assistant at Bachelor, Miggy’s newly established men’s magazine, and was immediately hired. However, she realized that Miguel is a horrible boss and very strict with his employees. Nevertheless, she did not resign.

Instead, Laida worked hard and continues to believe that Miguel will change his bad attitude. She later learned that his mother (Agot Isidro) is only a mistress who has passed away.

In addition, he has just wanted some attention from his father Luis Montenegro (Dante Rivero), and feels like he is not accepted by his older half-brothers, especially Art (Rowell Santiago). Little by little, Miguel falls in love with Laida and they became lovers.

But can Laida also help him solve his personal issues and reach his goals?

Below is the complete list of awards won by A Very Special Love movie:

2009 GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards

* Box Office King – John Lloyd Cruz
* Box Office Queen – Sarah Geronimo
* Most Popular Film Director – Cathy Garcia Molina
* Most Popular Screenwriter – Raz Sobida de la Torre

A Very Special Love Movie Cast

John Lloyd Cruz, Sarah Geronimo, Dante Rivero Dante Rivero, Rowell Santiago, Johnny Revilla, Bing Pimentel, Daphne Oseña-Paez, Al Tantay, Irma Adlawan, Arno Morales, Miles Ocampo, Andre Garcia, Matet De Leon, Gio Alvarez, Joross Gamboa, Bernard Palanca, Will Devaughn, Kalila Aguilos, C.J. Javarata, J.P. Pascual, Maris Dimayuga, Gail Nicolas, Paw Diaz, Marianna del Rio, Precious Adona, Carlo Cannu, Mickey Estrada, Dodie Acuna, Eugene Reyes, Angeli Gonzales, and many more.

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