A Girl and A Guy Full Movie (2021)

A Girl and A Guy is a 2021 Filipino romance drama film directed by veteran filmmaker Erik Matti, and written by Anjeli Pessumal and Leovic Arceta. The movie was produced under Globe Studios, Reality MM Pictures, and Regal Films, and was exclusively distributed by Upstream.

A Girl and A Guy Movie Plot

A Girl and A Guy is a modern tale of young adults navigating the tricky world of relationships, connection, and intimacy in today’s society. The film tells the story of a girl, the story of a guy, and the story of a girl and a guy.

The film’s titular “guy” Raf (played by Rob Gomez) foreshadows that last point with his pronouncement “Life is less of a race, it’s more of a maze.” It’s one of few moments of clarity he gets later down the line because, in the beginning, Raf is directionless and unreliable. He ambles through a marketing job, unclear of what he’s doing or what he wants – the very reasons he got dumped.

The “girl” – a stranger he meets about halfway through the feature – Fiona (Alexa Miro), is a production assistant dreaming of making it big as a filmmaker. But her ambition smothers her fellow film-grad boyfriend, so he bails.

Separately in shambles at the end of their failed relationships, they set off to self-soothe the way each of them knows how: Raf by hooking up with a string of female co-workers, starting with his boss Mela (Candice Ramos).

Propelled by Ramos’ magnetic onscreen charm, their extended flings are so fiery that they make you briefly wonder why the film isn’t about them instead. Meanwhile, Fiona goes on beach trips and Tinder dates where her flirtations are variously sizzling, interesting, shocking, then sour.

A Girl and A Guy Movie Cast

Rosh Barman, Pau Benitez, Yvanne Evangelista, Rob Gomez, Sarah Holmes, Alexa Miro, Candice Ramos, Juan Carlo Tarobal

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