12 Days to Destiny Full Movie (2019)

12 Days (to Destiny) is a 2019 Filipino romantic comedy written and directed by CJ Santos and the first film in the #BladeStories film series. The film was produced by Blade Entertainment and Witty Jack Media.

12 Days to Destiny Plot

The movie chronicles the story of a 12-day friendship and eventually romance between Camille and Daniel.

12 Days to Destiny Cast

Mary Joy Apostol, Akihiro Blanco, Xander Pineda, Jansien Altamirano, Carissa Viaje, Albert Gregory Go, Raine Dayrit, Jamieson Lee, April Cabalonga, Romelyn Angeles, Mary Joy Convencido, Beverly Eladia, Princess Joy Munsayac, Rhinel Vargas, Jefferson Nedia

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