Yanggaw Full Movie (2008)

Yanggaw Movie (Affliction) stars Ronnie Lazaro, Tetchie Agbayani, and Joel Torre, and Aleera Montalla as the young woman who became a killing monster after she was infected by a strange disease.

Produced by Reality Entertainment and Strawdogs Studio Production and directed by Richard Somes, this Pinoy horror indie film is an entry to the 2008 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival and won 14 major awards from various award-giving bodies.

Yanggaw Movie Plot Summary

In this Ilonggo movie, Junior Villacin (Ronnie Lazaro ) and plays and Inday (Tetchie Agbayani) are parents of Amor (Aleera Montalla), Toto (Gio Respall), Leon (Leon Gaston), and Abner (Keith Cabañez). Toto has a wife Erma (Monet Gaston), who lives with them.

One day, Amor comes home very sick and collapses. Junior brought her to a faith healer Lazarus (Erik Matti), who told them that she is infected by an unknown venom.

And although Amor became bedridden, she is covered by dirt and blood every morning and people or animals in the neighborhood get killed mysteriously.

Junior brought Amor to a nearby barrio hospital, but she was not cured. He also tried to borrow money from Duplo (Joel Torre), a village official and Amor’s godfather but he does not have money to lend. Later, Junior learned that Amor is an aswang but he could not kill his own daughter.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Yanggaw movie:

2008 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival

* Audience Award – Richard Somes
* Best Director – Richard Somes
* Best Actor – Ronnie Lazaro
* Best Supporting Actor – Joel Torre
* Best Supporting Actress – Tetchie Agbayani
* Best Editing – Borgy Torre
* Best Sound – Joey Santos and Eduardo Velasquez

2009 Gawad Urian Awards

* Best Actor – Ronnie Lazaro
* Best Supporting Actress – Aleera Montalla
* Best Sound – Romy Lopez and Eduardo Velasquez

2009 Star Awards for Movies

* Digital Movie Cinematographer of the Year – Hermann Claravall and Lyle Sacris
* Digital Movie Director of the Year – Richard Somes
* Digital Movie Production Designer of the Year – Donald Russ Camon, Michael N. Español and Rashem Gumacal
* Digital Movie of the Year – Cinema One Originals and Strawdogs Studio Production

Yanggaw Movie Cast

Ronnie Lazaro, Tetchie Agbayani, Joel Torre, Aleera Montalla, Gio Respall, Monet Gaston, Keith Cabañez, Leon Gaston, Erik Matti, Lilit Reyes, Juliet Matti, James Montelibano, Jerry Mongcal, Elmer Gamila, Bong Pavia, Michael N. Español, Rynheart Trujillo, Rolly Gallo, Jaika Montelibano, Mai-Mai Montelibano, Dwight Gaston, Jorja Montelibano, Ma. Carmen Morata, Jomar Sulla, Aldrin Escorel, Maricar Orbita, Antonio Ceremonia, and many more.

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