Wag Kang Lilingon Full Movie (2006)

Wag Kang Lilingon Movie stars Anne Curtis and Kristine Hermosa as two young women who were caught in the middle of terror but one of them is not really a victim.

Produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films. this Pinoy horror film has two different stories but is somehow connected with each other in the end – “Uyayi” (directed by Quark Henares) and “Salamin” (directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng).

Wag Kang Lilingon Movie Plot Summary

In the episode “Uyayi” (Lullaby), Anne Curtis plays Melissa, one of the young nurses at Angel of Mercy Hospital, which is being haunted by male ghosts.

She then asked for help from her boyfriend James (Marvin Agustin). During their investigation, the two suspected that one of the head doctors Dr. Carl (Raymond Bagatsing) is the culprit. But shortly, the doctor was also killed. Melissa began to panic and James became her suspect.

In the episode “Salaman,” Kristine Hermosa plays Angel, the oldest daughter of Rosing (Cherry Pie Picache) and the sister of young Nina (Celine Lim). They have just moved into another house, where an old mirror was left by the previous owner. Angel tells Nina about a ritual that will lead her to know who her future husband will be. Apparently, this led to souls haunting them. In the end, it was revealed that the haunting is connected to Melissa.

Wag Kang Lilingon Movie Cast

Anne Curtis, Marvin Agustin, Kristine Hermosa, Raymond Bagatsing, Cherry Pie Picache, Celine Lim, Dimples Romana, Baron Geisler, Soliman Cruz, Julia Clarete, Kathleen Hermosa, Ces Aldaba, Ayin Noriega, Jenny Jamora, Jun Sabayton, Anastasio Caubalejo, Ramon Solo, Jonathan Sibulo, Archie Alemania, Sarah Lopez, Nanding Josef, Owen Bowen, Girlie Alcantara, Antonette Garcia, and many more.

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