Vampira Full Movie (1994)

Vampira Movie stars Diamond Star Maricel Soriano and Christopher de Leon. Produced by Regal Films and directed by Joey Romero, this horror-thriller drama earned 10 major awards nominations and won 3 of them. This includes Best Film, Best Achievement in Film Editing for Danny Gloria, and Best Performance by an Actress for Maricel Soriano at the 1995 Young Critics Circle Awards.

Vampira Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with Nena (Nida Blanca) tying up her young son Cesar (Boy 2 Quizon) in his bed, while her vampire husband is dying inside his room. Almost at the same time, vampire Cara (Maricel Soriano) victimized a rapist and her brother Miguel (Jayvee Gayoso) victimized an innocent woman. Before Cara’s father passed away, he told her to go to Salvacion town, where she should stop the vampire curse in their family.

Upon arriving in the town, Cara met Arman (Christopher De Leon), a widowed architect who has a young daughter Len-Len (Patricia Ann Roque). To hide her identity, Cara pretended to have amnesia and used the name, Paz. Cara and Arman fell in love with each other and got married. But later, Arman discovered the truth, as Cara needs to stop Miguel from bringing terror into the town.

Vampira Movie Cast

Maricel Soriano, Christopher De Leon, Nida Blanca, Jayvee Gayoso, Patricia Ann Roque, Caridad Sanchez, Lorli Villanueva, Joanne Quintas, Boy 2 Quizon, Ray Ventura, Ernie Zarate, Charlie Mendoza, Chiqui Xerxes-Burgos, Pocholo Montes, Lulu Arietta, Randy David, Eva Darren, Aurora Uding, Marylaine Soriano, Mon Confiado, Grace Cruz, Sammy Vencio, Felanie Patricio, Charisse Abad, Daniel Antonio, Generosa Magbanua, Virgie Domino, Father Felipe, Star Villareal, Roel Dumaclid, and many more.

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