Txt Full Movie (2006)

Txt Movie stars Dennis Trillo, Oyo Sotto, and Angel Locsin as a young woman who still receives text messages from her boyfriend who already passed away.

Produced by Regal Entertainment and APT Entertainment and directed by Michael Tuviera, this Pinoy horror film was nominated FAP Best Cinematography for Marissa Floirendo and Movie Sound Engineer of the Year for Albert Michael Idioma at the 2007 Star Awards for Movies.

Txt Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Angel Locsin plays Joyce, who works as a caregiver in an elderly home, and Oyo Sotto as Roman, her obsessive boyfriend. And because she cannot stand him anymore, Joyce broke up with him. He then requested her to drive him home. However, they met an accident and Roman died while Joyce has minor injuries only. At the morgue, Alex (Dennis Trillo) who works as a call center agent arrived and comforted her.

Alex, who likes Joyce very much helps her recover from her loss. Days later, Joyce starts to receive text messages from Roman’s phone number and thought it was only a prank. However, the next text messages include photos of her friends who died later at exactly 3:29 am. Joyce realized that those who got killed are the ones who support Alex for her.

Txt Movie Cast

Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillo, Oyo Boy Sotto, Julia Clarete, Dante Rivero, Eugene Domingo, Bing Loyzaga, Lorenzo Mara, Perla Bautista, Allan K, Roselle Gabriel, Bubbles Cristobal, Jojit Lorenzo, Mitoy Sta. Ana, Malou Crisologo, Bong Dela Torre, Karla Pambid, Jim Pebanco, Luz Imperial, Emlyn Santos, Rene Mendoza, Eddie Boy Tuviera, Paul Daza, Edgar Allan Guzman, Ryan Julio, Macky Aquino, and many more.

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