Tumbok Full Movie (2011)

Tumbok Movie stars Cristine Reyes, Carlo Aquino, and Ryan Eigenmann and is about a newlywed young couple who still decided to live in a unit in a condominium they inherited despite the warning that it is being haunted by strange tenants and will only bring misfortune to them.

This is because it is located at T-Junction, where it is being believed to be receiving negative energy. Produced by Viva Films, this Pinoy horror film is directed by Topel Lee.

Tumbok Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Cristine Reyes plays Grace, the young and beautiful wife of Ronnie (Carlo Aquino) whose father Benjie (Jao Mapa) has just passed away. But before he died, Benjie told them not to live in a condo unit in Binondo he gave to them. Even Grace’s sister Lumen (LJ Moreno) also suggested the same because it is located at a T-Junction, which according to superstitions will bring misfortune to anyone who tries to live there.

However, the couple ignored the warning and was charmed by Mark (Ryan Eigenmann), the building administrator. Shortly, Grace started to experience weird incidents inside the house and had scary nightmares at night. Their neighbors also died mysteriously one by one.

But besides the terror being brought by supernatural beings, there is also a dark family secret that will haunt Grace and Ronnie. How will the couple face them?

Tumbok Movie Cast

Cristine Reyes, Carlo Aquino, Ryan Eigenmann, Ara Mina, Ana Capri, Malou de Guzman, Jao Mapa, DJ Durano, LJ Moreno, Wendy Valdez, Dino Imperial, Abby Bautista, AJ Muhlach, Mike Gayoso, Cheska Salcedo, Lloyd Zaragoza, Sonjia Calit,
Neil Coleta, Milton Sabino, and many more.

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