Tragic Theater Full Movie (2015)

Tragic Theater Movie stars Andi Eigenmann, Christopher De Leon, and John Estrada and is about alleged ghosts that haunt after several construction workers died while building the Manila Film Center in 1981.

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Tikoy Aguiluz, this Pinoy horror movie earned 17 major awards nominations including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor for John Estrada, and Best Actress for Andi Eigenmann.

Tragic Theater Movie Plot Summary

Based on the 2009 novel by G.M. Coronel of the same title, Andi Eigenmann plays Annie Francisco, a rape victim who eventually became an engineer at the Department of Tourism and was tasked to check whether the Manila Film Center is haunted or not before a rehabilitation shall take place. On the other hand, John Estrada plays Fr. Nilo Marcelo, Annie’s friend who along with his team of spirit communicators to helps her with the assignment.

Shortly, Annie and the rest entered the Manila Film Center and tried to request the ghosts to leave the area. At first, she is convinced that the task was easy and ignored Fr. Marcelo’s warning. Unfortunately, the priest was right as the ghosts have no intention of leaving and even terrorized them. As the intensity of the terror goes higher, Fr. Marcelo and the entire group had no other choice but to seek help from Archbishop Miguel Sanchez Agcaoli (Christopher de Leon).


The Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) ban the original movie trailer and gave it an X rating and dubbed it as “too scary”. After the second review, it got a PG (Parental Guidance) rating.

Tragic Theater Movie Cast

Christopher De Leon, John Estrada, Andi Eigenmann, Jovic Monsod, Arvic Rivero, Roxanne Barcelo, Josh Padilla, Gab de Leon, Carissa Quintas, Janna Roque, Chloe Dauden, Clint Bondad, Sara Polverini, Sheng Belmonte, Jourdanne Castillo, Lander Vera-Perez, Janna Victoria, Gabe Mercado, Pio Balbuena, Anna Bautista, Orlando Sol. Soliman Cruz, Lao Rodriguez, Allan Forte, Archi Adamos, Banjo Romero, Sunshine Teodoro, Jonathan Garcia, Princess Lyka Terora, Renato Morado, Sandy Talag, Anika Leigh Eucasion, Nesty Ramirez, Rey Cerdena, and many more.

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