The Lease Full Movie (2018)

The Lease is a 2018 Filipino horror film written by Mario Gatdula Alaman and Harvie Aquino and directed by Paolo Bertola. The film stars Garie Concepcion, Ruben Maria Soriquez, and Edmund Dreu Santiago in the leading roles.

It was produced by Dhananjay Galani Production, See-Thru Pictures, and Utmost Creative Film (co-producer), and was distributed by Crystalsky Multimedia (2018) (Philippines), and Dhananjay Galani Production (2021) (India).

The Lease Movie Plot

Romano Gonzales, Clara, and their two children lease a beautiful villa in the Philippines. But strange happenings disturb their peace. Romano has strange nightmares but so familiar that drive him to investigate the secrets that the villa is keeping.

The Lease Movie Cast

Garie Concepcion, Ruben Maria Soriquez, Edmund Dreu Santiago, Jill Demski, Harvey Almoneda, Boy Laguipo, Carmen Del Rosario, Princess Cruz, Alireza Libre, Bernard Laxa, Bridge Martin, Sean Guyamin, Arriane Butch, Berna Cabrera, Kuya Manzano

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