The Ghosting Full Movie (2019)

The Ghosting is a 2019 Filipino mystery-horror movie starring Andrea Brillantes and Khalil Ramos sharing the lead roles. Brillantes and Ramos, two of the most promising stars in the movie industry, are giving major scares in their first film together; the film is inspired by an urban legend known as Solante.

This horror movie is a directorial debut of director Joey de Guzman and produced by Reality Entertainment, makers of hit horror films ‘Seklusyon’ and Kwaresma.

The Ghosting Movie Plot

In the movie, Grace, played by Andrea Brillantes, is an introverted college student who becomes a victim of a little girl carrying a headless doll. The girl asks passersby to help her get home to a mysterious red house visible only to her and her other victims she lures to the haunted house.

Ken, played by Khalil Ramos, is a friend of Grace. He knows that Grace has met the girl but thinks that the meeting was a mere coincidence and that the red house does not exist nor does the curse of the little girl.

Grace eventually disappears. Ken has come to believe that the girl who was carrying a headless doll had something to do with Grace’s disappearance. He believes that the weird deaths in their neighborhood is also caused by the girl who lives in the red house.

Nobody believes him though. He sets out on a mission to find Grace and rescues her despite the odds and dreadful encounters of haunting spirits they both had to win over in order to get their lives back to normal.

The Ghosting Movie Cast

Andrea Brillantes, Khalil Ramos, Bernadette Allyson, Khiarra Zafirah Capuz,

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