The Debutantes Full Movie (2017)

The Debutantes Movie stars Miles Ocampo, Michelle Vito, Jane De Leon, Chanel Morales, and Sue Ramirez as a weird girl who wants to be friends with the popular girls in school but was humiliated instead.

Produced by The IdeaFirst Company and Regal Films and directed by Prime Cruz, this Pinoy horror movie is about 4 girls who wanted their 18th birthday celebration party to be memorable but turned to be bloody.

The Debutantes Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Sue Ramirez plays Kate, a strange-looking girl who does not enjoy a social life and rarely speaks except to her little sister. Her bangs almost cover her huge eyes. In school, she wants to get noticed and be friends with the popular girls – Lara (Miles Ocampo), Jenny (Jane De Leon), Candice (Michelle Vito), and Shayne (Chanel Morales).

So when Lara befriended her for math lessons, she did not hesitate to help her. One day, the group invited Kate to attend Jenny’s debut party, which incidentally is also Kate’s birthday. However, the mean girls played a very vicious prank on her.

Since then, Kate started to have nightmares about the girls dying, and tried to warn them but she was ignored. But eventually, her nightmares became true. Each of the mean girls dies mysteriously exactly on their 18th birthday.

Now, Kate had to figure out how she can stop the curse before it reaches her friend Lara. It was revealed that she was a young girl (Kim Chloie Oquendo), she had a very supportive friend named Wena (Faye Alhambra). Is Wena involved with the crimes?

The Debutantes Movie Cast

Miles Ocampo, Sue Ramirez, Michelle Vito, Jane De Leon, Chanel Morales, Paolo Gumabao, Faye Alhambra, Lowell Conales, Kim Oquendo, Almira Muhlach, Iwa Moto, and many more.

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