Teniente Gimo Full Movie (2016)

Teniente Gimo is a 2016 Filipino horror film written and directed by Roland Sanches and stars John Regala, Kate Brios, and Julio Diaz in the leading roles.

The film was produced under KIB Productions and was distributed by Viva Films.

Teniente Gimo Movie Plot and Storyline

Teniente Gimo is a famous urban legend and an infamous character in Ilonggo folk literature in Western Visayas whose colorful yet tragic life had been the subject of speculation and theories by the town folks in Iloilo.

He is widely believed by his townmates as an aswang who is responsible for abducting and killing some children during a famine in the old times.

Teniente Gimo Movie Cast

John Regala, Kate Brios, Julio Diaz, Mon Confiado, Suzette Ranillo, Eliza Pineda, Joshua Dionisio, Ces Aldaba, Erlinda Villalobos

Watch Teniente Gimo Full Movie

We don’t have a full copy of this movie but the following video has a more accurate story.

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