Sigaw Full Movie (2004)

Sigaw Movie stars Jomari Yllana, Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, Ella Guevara, and Iza Calzado. Produced by Regal Entertainment and directed by Yam Laranas, this blockbuster Pinoy horror film won 10 major awards from various award-giving bodies local and abroad.

In 2008, a Hollywood movie remake was released entitled “The Echo” also directed by Yam Laranas, with Iza Calzado reprising her role from the original movie.

Sigaw Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Richard Gutierrez plays Marvin, a young man who has just moved into a unit of an old building while Angel Locsin plays Pinky, Marvin’s girlfriend who frequently visits him.

Almost every night, Marvin hears screaming of Anna (Iza Calzado) from a nearby unit being beaten by her abusive husband cop Bert (Jomari Yllana). Marvin complained to the caretaker (Ronnie Lazaro) but he was told to just ignore it.

Anna and her young daughter Lara (Ella Guevara) would always ask for help from Jude (James Blanco), who also lives in the same building. Shortly, Bert suspects that Anna and Jude are having an affair but this is not true.

Later, Marvin saw Bert beating Anna but he did not help him because it seems that he is only hallucinating. But then, Pinky also starts to feel the terror at the apartment. The two will later discover a dark secret.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Sigaw movie:

2005 Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film (BIFFF)

* Special Award – Yam Laranas

2005 Gawad Urian Awards

*Best Supporting Actress – Iza Calzado

2005 Screamfest Festival

* Best Musical Score – Jesse Lucas

2005 Young Critics Circle

* Best Achievement in Film Editing – Manet A. Dayrit
* Best Achievement in Cinematography and Visual Design – Yam Laranas (director of photography) and Sammy Aranzamendez (production designer)
* Best Achievement in Sound and Aural Orchestration – Jesse Lucas (musical director), Albert Michael Idioma (sound engineer) and Arnold Reodica (sound engineer)

2004 Metro Manila Film Festival

* Best Child Performer – Ella Guevarra
* Best Editing – Manet Dayrit
* Best Sound Recording – Albert Michael Idioma and Arnold Reodica

Sigaw Movie Cast

Jomari Yllana, Richard Gutierrez, Iza Calzado, Angel Locsin, James Blanco, Ella Guevara, Lui Manansala, Tessie Villarama, Pocholo Montes and Ronnie Lazaro.

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