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Shake Rattle and Roll X Movie (SRR X) stars an ensemble cast led by Marian Rivera, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Wendell Ramos, Jean Garcia, Erich Gonzales, JC De Vera, and Roxanne Guinoo. Produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc, this 10th installment of the Shake Rattle & Roll trilogy horror movie series won the Best Child Performer award for Robert Villar at the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Shake Rattle and Roll X Movie Plot Summary

The first episode entitled ‘Emergency’ is directed by Mike Tuviera. One night, Jay (JC De Vera), who was driving an ambulance, and Dennis (Janus Del Prado) accidentally hit a pregnant woman (Mylene Dizon).

They brought her to the hospital, where Dr. Sarah (Roxanne Guinoo), who examined her. She turned out to be an aswang, who along with her husband aswang Wendell Ramos attacked all the other patients.

The second episode entitled ‘Class Picture’ is directed by Topel Lee. Here, a group of graduating college students including Joy (Kim Chiu) and Lui (Gerald Anderson) are preparing for an exhibit inside the campus during the weekend.

Shortly, Joy found an old class picture named “Rubi 1898” which included a nun who later was identified as Sister Maria Belonia (Jean Garcia). One by one, the evil nun haunted the students.

The third episode entitled ‘Nieves’ is also directed by Mike Tuviera, where Marian Rivera plays Nieves, an Engkanto slayer. She lives with her husband Adonis (Mike ‘Pekto’ Nacua), who was later kidnapped by an engkanto.

On the other hand, Engkanto queen Acacia (Diana Zubiri) has been persuading Manila man Celso (Mart Escudero) to cut down trees. Nieves learned about it and she fought against Acacia.

Shake Rattle and Roll X Movie Cast

Roxanne Guinoo, JC de Vera, Mylene Dizon, Wendell Ramos, John Lapus, Janus del Prado, Denise Laurel, Julia Chua, Eri Neeman, Cris Daluz, Banjo Romero, Dido de la Paz, Perry Escaño, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Jean Garcia, IC Mendoza, Erich Gonzales, Steff Prescott, Charles Christianson, Eda Nolan, Prince Stefan, Andrea Torres, Niña Jose, Marian Rivera, Diana Zubiri, Jennica Garcia, Martin Escudero, Luis Alandy, Desiree Del Valle, Iwa Moto, Marco Alcaraz, Robert Villar, Mike ‘Pekto’ Nacua, Malou Crisologo, Raul Dillo, Kristel Fulgar and many more.

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