Shake Rattle and Roll VI Full Movie

Shake Rattle and Roll VI Movie star an ensemble cast including Camille Prats, Joanne Quintas, Aiza Seguerra, Matet De Leon, Tom Taus, Ara Mina, and Tonton Gutierrez. Produced by MAQ Productions Inc, this 7th installment of the Shake Rattle & Roll trilogy horror movie series is the only installment that was not an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, and instead was shown in theaters in January 1997.

Shake Rattle and Roll VI Movie Plot Summary

In the first episode entitled ‘Ang Telebisyon’ directed by Maurice Carvajal, husband Emil (John Apacible) and wife (Joanne Quintas) have a young daughter Jennifer (Camille Prats). But because they are always busy with their respective careers and most of the time fighting, they neglected their child. One day, a stranger brought her a brand new TV as a special gift. Later, a scary clown appeared on the screen and took Jennifer by force.

In the second episode entitled ‘Ang Tulay’ directed by Frank G Rivera, the ghost of a young boy Mauro (Tom Taus Jr) frequently appears at a bridge at night. Mariz (Matet De Leon) lost her older brother JunJun (Kiko De Leon) when he drown at the same bridge when he was still young. On the other hand, the younger brother of Lilian (Aiza Seguerra) also drowns at the same bridge. Mauro’s ghost wants to send a message.

In the third episode entitled ‘Ang Buwan’ directed by Anton Juan, Manery (Tonton Gutierrez) met a fellow college student Luna (Giorgia Ortega) inside the campus and immediately liked her. As the day go by, the two became close to each other. But later, there were several mysterious killings and Luna became a suspect. One night, Manery discovered that Luna turns into a creepy monster every full moon.

Shake Rattle and Roll VI Movie Cast

Camille Prats, Joanne Quintas, Daniel Pasia, John Apacible, Bobby Benitez, Theresa Jamias, Aiza Seguerra, Matet De Leon, Tom Taus Jr, Ara Mina, Melissa Mendez, Kiko De Leon, Tonton Gutierrez, Giorgia Ortega, Raymond Keannu, Roy Alvarez, Toffee Calma and many more.

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