Shake Rattle and Roll V Full Movie

Shake Rattle and Roll V Movie stars an ensemble cast including Manilyn Reynes, Sheryl Cruz, Ruffa Gutierrez, Monsour Del Rosario, Chuck Perez, and Dingdong Dantes. Produced by Regal Films, this 6th installment of the Shake Rattle & Roll trilogy horror movie series won the Best Child Performer award for Tom Taus Jr at the 1996 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Shake Rattle and Roll V Movie Plot Summary

In the first episode entitled ‘Maligno’ directed by Don Escudero, Laurie (Ruffa Gutierrez) and her boyfriend Nicky (Bong Regala) had a vacation on a remote island. But when they were about to return home, transportation became a problem and Nicky got very ill. Then, she met a handsome man Victor (Monsour Del Rosario), who later turned out to be a Maligno. He offered to cure Nicky but in return, Laurie should stay with him forever.

In the second episode entitled ‘Anino’ directed by Jose Javier Reyes, sisters Mowie (Jaclyn Jose) and Gina (Sheryl Cruz), their cousins Kaye (Ana Abad Santos) and Elmer (Dingdong Dantes), and their houseboy Mitoy (Ogie Diaz) have just moved to another apartment for a very cheap price. But shortly, they encountered strange events inside and later realized that a so-called shadow man monster wants to kill them all.

In the third episode entitled ‘Impakto’ directed by Manny Castañeda, siblings Lizbeth (Manilyn Reynes) and Charlie (Tom Taus Jr) were kidnapped and were taken to an old abandoned hotel. Shortly, a vampire (Chuck Perez) can be seen flirting with a woman also in the same building but killed her eventually. The siblings managed to escape and met Andres. Now, they are now in a situation worse than in the kidnappers’ hands.

Shake Rattle and Roll V Movie Cast

Ruffa Gutierrez, Sheryl Cruz, Monsour Del Rosario, Bong Regala, Angel Confiado, Rustica Carpio, Aida Carmona, Jaclyn Jose, Ogie Diaz, Patrick Riego De Dios, Dingdong Dantes, Ana Abad Santos, Eva Darren, Len Ag Santos, George Lim, Malou Crisologo, Cita Astals, Cherry Cornell, Oscar Moran, Manilyn Reynes, Chuck Perez, Tom Taus Jr, Michelle Ortega, Archie Adamos, Nonong de Andres, Don Pepot, Lilia Cuntapay, Romy Romulo and many more.

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