Shake Rattle and Roll IV Full Movie

Shake Rattle and Roll IV Movie stars an ensemble cast including Edu Manzano, Manilyn Reynes, Janice de Belen, Aiza Seguerra, Aiko Melendez, and Gina Alajar, with all three episodes directed by Peque Gallaga Lore Reyes. Produced by Regal Films, this 4th installment of the Shake Rattle & Roll trilogy horror movie series won 4 major awards at the 1992 Metro Manila Film Festival, including a Best Actress award for Gina Alajar.

Shake Rattle and Roll IV Movie Plot Summary

In the first episode entitled ‘Ang Guro,’ college school student Jodie Abesamis (Manilyn Reynes) has a very strong crush on her Chemistry professor Mr. Antoinio Zerrudo (Edu Manzano).on the other hand, Mabu (Aljon Jimenez) likes Jodie very much. But later, Jodie saw Mr. Antoinio Zerrudo turn himself into a monster and kill a student. But can she convince everybody, especially Mabu and Dean Bautista (Nida Blanca)?

In the second episode entitled ‘Kapitbahay,’ Architect Rod Mallari (Al Tantay) and his family including young daughter Nikkie (Aiza Seguerra) moved in a smaller apartment. In their new neighborhood, there is a small park where several young children began to be missing. They learned that the culprit is a Witawit, a monstrous-looking creature who lives in the park’s trees. But can the abducted children still be saved?

In the third episode entitled ‘Ang Madre,’ a Manananggal has been attacking some residents in a slum neighborhood, and residents Astrude (Alas Ai-Ai de las Alas) and Puri (Gina Alajar) are starting to be worried because they only sleep in a cart. They initially thought their new neighbor old woman Aling Iya (Lilia Cuntapay) is the Manananggal. But later, they learned it was Sister Mary John (Aiko Melendez).

Shake Rattle and Roll IV Movie Cast

Edu Manzano, Manilyn Reynes, Aljon Jimenez, Sunshine Cruz, Nida Blanca, Janice de Belen, Aiza Seguerra, Gina Alajar, Miguel Rodriguez, Aiko Melendez, Ai-Ai de las Alas, Al Tantay, Malou de Guzman, Vangie Labalan, Philip Gamboa, Romy Romulo, Lady Lee, Koko Trinidad, Mae-ann Adonis, Dido de la Paz, Tom Alvarez, Mon Confiado, Michelle Gallaga, Lace Goodwin, Joanna Tupaz, Nick Halal, Wally Goodwin, RJ Belarde, Jojo Tupaz, Liezel Palmon, May Arana, Jun Arana, Jello Changcoco, Jack Lord, Rea Xeniana, Gigette Reyes, Mely Tagasa, Minnie Aguilar, IC Mendoza, Bella Flores, Giselle Sanchez, Lilia Cuntapay, Jinky Laurel, Pen Medina and many more.

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