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Seklusyon Seklusyon Movie stars an ensemble cast led by Rhed Bustamante, Neil Ryan Sese, Ronnie Alonte, and Phoebe Walker. Produced by Reality Entertainment and directed by Erik Matti, this provocative horror thriller film won 11 major awards including Best Supporting Actress for Phoebe Walker and Best Director at the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival and Child Performer of the Year for Rhed Bustamante at the 2017 Star Awards for Movies.

Seklusyon Movie Plot Summary

The movie is set up in 1947 when aspiring priests are being sent to a remote and quiet convent on the last seven days of their training so they can be protected from evil.

Miguel (Ronnie Alonte) was the newest deacon to arrive at the seclusion house and met Carlo (JR Versales), Fabián (Dominic Roque), Marco (John Vic De Guzman), and Sandoval (Lou Veloso), an old and former priest who has been excommunicated by the bishop.

Meanwhile, a young girl named Anghela (Rhed Bustamante) is being assisted by Sister Cecilia (Phoebe Walker) as she has been miraculously healing sick people. However, Padre Ricardo (Neil Ryan Sese) is not convinced and started an investigation into Anghela’s background.

But because the bishop believed that Anghela was sent by God, she was allowed to stay at the seclusion house. Later, Padre Ricardo discovered the dark past of Sister Cecilia and Angela, whose name was spelled as Ngalhea in a document.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Seklusyon Movie:

2016 Metro Manila Film Festival

  • Best Director – Erik Matti
  • Best Supporting Actress – Phoebe Walker
  • Best Cinematography – Neil Bion
  • Best Screenplay – Anton C. Santamaria
  • Best Sound Design – Albert Michael Idioma and Lamberto Casas Jr
  • Best Original Theme Song – Francis de Veyra Song: “Dominus miserere”
  • Best Production Design – Ericson Navarro
  • Special Jury Prize Feature Film – Rhed Bustamante

2017 Star Awards for Movies

  • Child Performer of the Year – Rhed Bustamante
  • Production Designer of the Year – Ericson Navarro
  • Sound Engineer of the Year – Albert Michael Idioma and Lamberto Casas Jr

Seklusyon Movie Cast

Rhed Bustamante, Neil Ryan Sese, Ronnie Alonte, Lou Veloso, Phoebe Walker, Dominic Roque, Elora Españo, John Vic De Guzman, J.R. Versales, Jerry O’Hara, Sherry Lara, Teroy Guzman, Elia Ilano, Dylan Ray Talon, and many more.

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