Santigwar Full Movie (2019)

Santigwar is a 2019 Filipino horror film directed by Joven Tan and produced by Reality Entertainment and Horseshoe Studios.

The film features an ensemble cast, including Alexa Ilacad in her first leading role in a movie, as well as Emie Conjurado and Keann Johnson in their debut film roles. The plot revolves around Santigwar Hasmin and her decade-long hunt for the Aswang clan responsible for her mother’s death.

Santigwar Plot

A santigwar is the Bicolano version of the Filipino witch-doctor or albularyo. What sets santigwars apart from other albularyos is that aside from providing healing to their communities, they’re also responsible for defending them against the aswangs, shape-shifting creatures who prey on humans.

Hasmin (Alexa Ilacad) belongs to a family of santigwars who has hunted, battled, and killed aswangs for generations.

Ten years prior to the film’s beginning, a clan of aswangs attacked her family and killed her mother. The incident fueled her hate for all aswangs, as well as fanned her decade-long hunt for the monsters responsible for killing her mother.

One day, Hasmin and her father Mang Nano (Dan Fernandez) encounter a gang of boys headed to an abandoned town. Led by Aldrin (Marlo Mortel), the group intends to visit and spend time with his girlfriend’s family.

Sensing that the aswang clan who killed her mother are also there, Hasmin set out on a quest to save the unwittingly trapped out-of-towners from their would-be predators and finally avenge her mother. But along the way, she discovers a secret that ties her Santigwar family to the Aswangs they loath so much. Hasmin must then come to terms with what she learned even as the aswangs close in.

Santigwar Cast

Alexa Ilacad, Marlo Mortel, Marco Gallo, Paulo Angeles, Dan Fernandez, Aubrey Miles, Lui Manansala, Michelle Liggayu, Pam Gonzales, Emie Conjurado, Keann Johnson, Michelle Vito, Mary Jean Lastimosa,and many more.

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