Salvage Full Movie (2017)

Salvage is a 2017 Philippine horror-drama film written and directed by Sherad Anthony Sanchez and starring Jessy Mendiola, JC de Vera, and Barbie Capacio. The movie was produced by Cinema One Originals and Salida Productions and distributed by Creative Programs and Cinema One Originals.

Salvage Movie Plot

A news team investigating rumors of aswang killings in a remote barrio are attacked by a group of soldiers, forcing them to run for their lives in the deeps of the forest, where more mystery and danger lay in wait.

Salvage Movie Cast

Jessy Mendiola, JC de Vera, Barbie Capacio, Karl Medina, Joel Saracho, Lav Diaz, Raya Martin, John Torres, Sunshine Teodoro

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