Rooftop Full Movie 2022

Rooftop is a 2022 millennial horror-thriller movie written by Gin De Mesa (story)Jonison Fontanos (screenplay), and Yam Laranas(screenplay). It was directed by Laranas and the first Viva Films production to be shown in theaters since the pandemic.

Rooftop Plot

The film, which revolves around a mindless prank turned into an unfortunate accident that changes the lives of a group of friends, features an all-star cast starring the brightest and most sought-after stars of their generation.

While on their summer break, Ellie (Cenon) and her friends, Lance (Gumabao), Wave (Cruz), Martin (Marco Gallo), Jessica (Escaño), and Chris (Muhlach) hold a secret party at their campus’ rooftop. They also invite Paul (Epy Quizon), a fellow student but an outsider from their social group, who is also a part-time janitor at their school.

Trying to keep things exciting at the party, the group decides to play on what they thought was a harmless prank on Paul. Things go on a downward spiral when they push Paul from the rooftop and end up falling for real leading to his untimely passing.

Being young, reckless, and afraid to face the consequences of their actions, the group decides to cover up the incident and vows to never speak of what happened on the rooftop.

Things find a way to catch up with them as Paul’s ghost now haunts them. Will they be able to make peace with their past? Or will they suffer the fate same as what they did to Paul?

Rooftop Cast

Ryza Cenon, Marco Gumabao, Ella Cruz, Marco Gallo, Rhen Escaño and Andrew Muhlach.

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