Resureksyon Full Movie (2015)

Resureksyon Movie stars Paulo Avelino, Jasmine Curtis, and Isabelle Daza as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who died abroad and was resurrected and became a vampire when her body was returned to her family in the Philippines.

Produced by Regal Entertainment and Reality Entertainment, this Pinoy horror movie is directed by Alfonso Torre III, who also directed the critically acclaimed 2008 horror film, “Yanggaw.”

Resureksyon movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Isabelle Daza plays Marilyn Alvarado, a single mother to Migs (Raikko Mateo) and an older sister to Amanda Libangan (Jasmine Curtis). And because of poverty, Marilyn worked as an OFW in Myanmar.

But shortly, she died mysteriously and her body was returned to Amanda and Migs. But on the first night of her wake, Marilyn rose from the dead and people got scared and ran away except for Amanda and Migs.

And although Marilyn acts strangely and is obviously not who she used to be, Amanda is just happy to see her sister alive. Nevertheless, Marilyn’s resurrection led to the investigation of a policeman Javier del Ocampo (Paulo Avelino). Marilyn starts to kill people and transform them into vampires like her. It turns out that her employer is a Serbian diplomat and is a vampire. Marilyn now wants her son to be a vampire, too.

Resureksyon Movie Cast

Paulo Avelino, Jasmine Curtis, Isabelle Daza, John Lapus, Raikko Mateo, Niño Muhlach, Alex Castro, Gee Canlas, Franco Lagusad, Juancho Trivino, and Prince Villanueva.

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