Purgatoryo Full Movie (2016)

Purgatoryo is a Filipino horror movie written by Denise O’Hara and multi-award-winning director Roderick Cabrido, who also helmed the film. Released in 2016, the movie stars Bernardo Bernardo and Rollie Inocencio in leading roles.

It is produced by One Big Fight Productions and Purple Pig and is among Cabrido’s most notable works, having been screened at the 2017 Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival, Split International Festival of New Film, and L’Estrange Festival in Paris. Purgatoryo was also awarded Best Screenplay by the QCinema Festival.

Purgatoryo Movie Plot

How does death impact the life of the living and what are consequences of toying with the defenseless body of the dead? Those are two of the many questions explored and answered in the stark narrative of Purgatoryo.

It tells the story of Ilyong (Chrome Prince Cosio) who is mercilessly shot by the police after committing a robbery. His dead body was then transported to a funeral home run by a greedy homosexual named Violet (Bernardo).

After his body is embalmed by two workers named On-On and (Kristoffer King) and Dyograd (Jess Mendoza), Violet rents out his cadaver to Simon (Inocencio), who rips off money from people by staging simulated wakes where he can host small-scale gambling rings, complete with alcohol, cigarettes, and the typical brouhaha.

Through this rather elaborate ruse, the families of Violet and Simon are able to get by on a daily. Unfortunately, Ilyong’s arrival causes misfortune for the living, as one of the visitors of the wake recognizes his dead body and uncovers Violet and Simon’s illegal scheme.

Purgatoryo Movie Cast

The film features a list of versatile Filipino actors and actresses, including Bernardo Bernardo, Chrome Prince Cosio, Rolando Inocencio, Elora Españo, Kristoffer King, Jess Mendoza, Mara Lopez, Japo Parcero, Samuel Quintana, Ernani L. Antonio, Che Ramos, Arnold Reyes, Lou Veloso and many more

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