Numbalikdiwa Full Movie (2006)

Numbalikdiwa Movie stars Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, Albert Martinez, and her niece in real life, Meryll Soriano.

Produced by Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and Cinemabuhay and Mabolo Drive Production and directed by Roberto “Bobi” Bonifacio, this digital suspense horror film won an Audience Award for Bobi Bonifacio and a Best Actress award for Maricel Soriano at the 2006 Cinemanila International Film Festival.

Numbalikdiwa Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, a young man was killed by an unknown monster while eating a barbeque inside his house. Then, Lola Nimia (Estrella Kuenzller) who has been bedridden for more than a decade is requesting her grandson Anton (Ping Medina) to continue practicing Numbalikdiwa (an ancient, macabre ritual where the dead assumes the body of a living person) so she can live forever with the help of Sasigloho. But Anton is hesitant.

Anton has an adopted sister Karissa (Meryll Soriano) whom he is secretly in love with. As their source of income, both are them are selling barbeque in their stall, where couple Carlos (Albert Martinez) and Portia (Maricel Soriano) are among their regular customers. But apparently, Karissa has a huge crush on Carlos and always dreaming of him. One night, she was hit by Carlos’ speeding car and died. Now, Anton will have a chance to use Numbalikdiwa.

Numbalikdiwa Movie Cast

Maricel Soriano, Albert Martinez, Meryll Soriano, Ping Medina, Estrella Kuenzler, Francisco Ocampo, Justin Cabal, Jeffrey D. Payawal, Bob Bonifacio, Carl Clemente, Maan Agsalud, Zig Marasigan, Spanky Fernandez, R.R. Velasco, Christopher Santos, Jasmine Fuentes, Joel Tiongson, Cedric Valera, Bobi Bonifacio, Fidel Panganiban, Michelle Dela Rosa, Martin Sunga, Edna Noble, Mackie Galvez, Gaudencio Frilles, Missy Maramara, Mely Soriano, Jake Ofrasio, Gai de Guia, and many more.

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