Matangtubig Full Movie (2015)

Matangtubig is a Philippine indeendent horror, drama, and thriller film directed by Jet leyco. The film stars Amante Pulido, Lance Raymundo, and Shielbert Manuel.

Matangtubig was written by Brian Gonzales and produced by Kerberus Kinorama Klassiks, Tuko Film Productions, and Buchi Boy Films.

Matangtubig Plot

The routine of the quaint rural town of Matangtubig is broken with the discovery of a girl’s remains, defiled in an open grass field, another girl, missing. Claims for justice and a search ensues, the national media turns its attention, as the town is put on trial for the secrets it keeps, a local fisherman struggles with his conscience to admit as a witness. The townsfolk become entities for decency and sham, attempting to divert attention, the town put up its yearly festival by the lake, unknowing of a sleeping evil that has come to claim them.

Matangtubig Cast

Amante Pulido, Lance Raymundo, Shielbert Manuel, Therese Malvar, Bernard Carritero, Kenneth Mandrilla, Maria Veronica Santiago, Dylan Ray Talon

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