Malikmata Full Movie (2003)

Malikmata Movie stars Rica Peralejo as a young woman who can see future tragedies. Produced by Canary Films and directed by Jose Javier Reyes, this Pinoy horror film won Best Editing for Vito Cajili and Best Sound for Albert Michael Idioma at the 2004 FAP Awards, Best Visual Effects for Dodge Ledesma at the 2004 Golden Screen Awards, and Best Film Editing for Vito Cajili at the 2004 Young Critics Circle Awards.

Malikmata Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with young girl Sarah (Kristel Fulgar) having a nosebleed and saw her father died before it happened but her mother did not believe her.

When she grew up as a young woman, Sarah (Rica Peralejo) had a vision that prominent civic leader Ellen Saavedra (Barbara Perez) and her housemaid Ditas (Ana Capri) were murdered, and later it happened. She told her to her aunt Felicitas Joaquin (Madeleine Nicolas) who knows Ellen but she was told not to tell it to anyone, especially to the investigators.

Ellen’s family including her grandson Patrick (Marvin Agustin) coordinated with the police to help know the killers. Shortly, Ditas’s boyfriend Rody (Wowie De Guzman) became a suspect and allegedly tried to rob the house. However, this is not true.

Later, with Ellen’s death, the ghost of Ditas started to haunt Sarah asking her to help find justice for her death. But how can Sarah help her? Will the cops believe her?

Malikmata Movie Cast

Rica Peralejo, Marvin Agustin, Dingdong Dantes, Ricky Davao, Ana Capri, Nikki Valdez, Wowie De Guzman, Eugene Domingo, Shintaro Valdez, Barbara Perez, Madeleine Nicolas, Jackie Castillejos, Lui Manansala, George Lim, Jerry O’Hara, Raul Montesa, Ruby Solmerano, Lucy Navarette, Andoy Ranay, Neil Ryan Sese, Tess Antonio, Martin Escudero, Kristel Fulgar, and many more.

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