Maledicto Full Movie (2019)

Maledicto is a 2019 Filipino horror film starring Tom Rodriguez and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. It is the first locally-produced film by Fox Networks Group Philippines, it is co-produced by Cignal Entertainment and Unitel with ABS-CBN Films tapped as the distributor.

The film directed by award-winning Mark Meily who is known for his films such as Crying Ladies, El Presidente, and the horror film Elemento.

Maledicto Movie Plot

Maledicto tells the story of Father Xavi (Tom Rodriguez), a former psychologist who becomes a skeptical exorcist following the tragic death of his sister, Mara (Inah de Belen) who killed herself in front of him of a supposed demonic possession.

Trying to find answers, Father Xavi becomes a man of the cloth who spends his spare time taking apart cases for exorcism and becomes an exorcist. He takes on two cases of possession, which he both dismissed as caused by drugs, with one of them leading to a murder. He engages in a downward spiral as he compelled the possibility of a reality far superior to his own.

He meets Sister Barbie (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a young nun who is gifted with the charism. She suspects one of her former students is experiencing the symptoms of possession.

Together, Sister Barbie and Father Xavi face the case of Agnes (Miles Ocampo), a seemingly normal teenager who starts demonstrating demonic behavior that rocks the foundations of the church. Father Xavi must find the means to defy the enthralling darkness bigger than himself, and in doing so discover some measure of purpose and redemption

Maledicto Movie Cast

Tom Rodriguez, Jasmin Curtis Smith, Miles Ocampo, Inah de Belen, Nina Ricci Alagao, Nonie Buencamino, Shamaine Buencamino, Menggie Cobarrubias, Martin Escudero, Franco Laurel, Eric Quizon, Liza Lorena, Che Ramos, and Lianne Valentin.

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