Kwaresma Full Movie (1999)

Directed by Erik Matti, Kuwaresma is a Philippine horror movie about a family being haunted by the ghost of their youngest daughter.

Called home early from school, Luis Fajardo returns to Baguio City to bury his twin sister Manuela. What at first seems to be a simple, dysfunctional family, turns out to be much more convoluted and disturbing.

Kwaresma Movie Plot

Luis has spent his life contending with his father’s (John Arcilla) unrealistic expectations. Played by Kent Gonzales, Luis returns home with no real answers as to why his sister Manuela, played by Pam Gonzales, has died.

His mother, Rebecca, played by Sharon Cuenta, says she committed suicide. Between a stern father who will not speak of it, and a submissive mother who follows her husband’s direction, Luis is left with only more questions and frustration.

It becomes clear, however, that Manuela’s soul still resides within the home. Fueled by anger at her brother for leaving her to deal with the family, she haunts him constantly, from the first night he returns. Love for his sister drives Luis to extend his stay to search for answers, but he is unaware of just how many layers there are to the answers he seeks.

Even when Manuela isn’t haunting Luis directly, scenes of shadowy corridors in the house, haunting renditions of well-known music, and layers of family strife will keep you fixed to the screen, waiting for each horrifying moment.

Kuwaresma is a story of discovering long-buried memories and sins, some that may cost more than anyone imagined. It’s a culmination of many secrets held for too long, and the price there is to pay for staying silent about the evils that have affected the innocent.

Kwaresma Movie Cast

Sharon Cuenta, John Arcilla, Kent Gonzalez, Pam Gonzalez, Guila Alvarez, Coohleene Casabag, Deo Dela Cruz, Weiszha Gomez, Weisza Gomez, Jovit Moya, Candice Ramos, Gwenyth Dorado, Sari Estrada, Kenji Kawano

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