Kutob Full Movie (2005)

Kutob Movie stars Rica Peralejo, Marvin Agustin, Alessandra de Rossi, and Ryan Agoncillo and is about a young woman who suspects that her boyfriend is cheating on her and asked for help from a fortune teller.

Produced by Canary Films and directed by Jose Javier Reyes, this Pinoy psycho horror film won 7 major awards, and 6 of them won the 2005 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actor award for Marvin Agustin.

Kutob Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Rica Peralejo plays Erica, an ordinary employee and the girlfriend of Carlo (Ryan Agoncillo) whom she thinks is cheating on her.

She and her friends RJ (James Blanco) and Mayen (Alessandra de Rossi) then consulted a fortune teller who warns Mayen about the possible danger that will happen to her. For Erica, she was told that a man she knows likes her a lot and that she should be very careful with her actions.

Erica got afraid but later ignored the warning. As she and Carlo continue to fight, Erica noticed that a man from afar is always staring at her. While running away from Carlo, she met Lemuel (Marvin Agustin), her fellow officemate and they became friends.

His mother died while giving birth to him and his father left him to his older sister Guada (Liza Lorena).who has been cruel to him since he was young. But what if he is the man the fortune teller was referring to?

Below is the complete list of awards won by Kutob movie:

2006 FAP Awards

* Best Actor – Marvin Agustin

2005 Metro Manila Film Festival

* Best Director – José Javier Reyes
* Best Actor – Marvin Agustin
* Best Editing – Vito Cajili
* Best Original Theme Song – Thor (“Kasalanan Nga Ba?”)
* Best Musical Score – Jaime Fabregas
* Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Awards

Kutob Movie Cast

Rica Peralejo, Marvin Agustin, Alessandra de Rossi, Ryan Agoncillo, James Blanco, Liza Lorena, Ana Capri, Bing Loyzaga, Andrea Del Rosario, Valerie Concepcion, Madeleine Nicolas, Eugene Domingo, Alma Lerma, John Wayne Sace, Pam Nieva, George Lim, Neil Ryan Sese, Adrian Albert, Mark Olano, Jaymee Joaquin, Lagrimas Zamora, Daisy Carino, Bong Cantuba, Dolly Bunoan, Analyn Foster, and many more.

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