Impakto Full Movie (1996)

Impakto Movie stars Antonio Aquitania and Gelli de Belen who portrayed as a babysitter and later discovered the baby boy she is taking care of has a curse and has been killing people including his former babysitters. Produced by Regal Films, this Pinoy horror film is directed by Don Escudero.

Impakto Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Gelli de Belen plays Rhodora or Doray, a young woman who applied as a babysitter at the house of elderly couple Dr. Dante Sagrado (Ernie Zarate) and his wife Salve (Daria Ramirez).

After she was hired, Doray learned that she will be taking care of baby Junior, who according to the doctor is their youngest child. Apparently, she was told not to bring the baby outside the room and that she leave him there at 6 pm.

There, Doray met housekeeper Melba (Candy Pangilinan) who told her that no babysitter lasts long in that house. She also met Hermie (Antonio Aquitania), the family gardener who goes home after his work. And soon after, she experienced some strange things inside the house and frequent nightmares. Hermie’s mother warned Doray about the baby but she ignored her. Later, she discovered that the baby is an impakto, or demon.

Impakto Movie Cast

Gelli de Belen, Antonio Aquitania, Daria Ramirez, Cherry Pie Picache, Rochelle Barrameda, Candy Pangilinan, Ernie Zarate, Mon Confiado, Quiambao, Mike Austria, Len Ag Santos, Angel Confiado, Lily Reaflor, Jun Jun Santos, and many more.

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